Neighborhood Heroes Series Revisited

Submitted by Rebekah Scher on Thu, 12/09/2021 - 12:29

In 2016, Embrace launched our CommUNITY Hero story series to celebrate those who are cultivating Community UNITY.  A commUNITY Hero is anyone who actively seeks to bring the collective dream of their commUNITY to life through citizen-driven action.  All CommUNITY Heroes share one core belief – together WE rise. They live this dream by leveraging the power of we. Collectively, these CommUNITY heroes are restoring the heart of democracy across the globe.

CommUNITY dreams come in many sizes. In our first story series, we focused on Neighborhood sized dreams.  In our Neighboring Revolution story, Anita’s dream was the size of her block, and the heroes of that story were her neighbors who banded together to launch the community's first block club, a model that was then shared with other dreamers in her neighborhood and across the Embrace network. 

In the Young Dreamers story, the dream was the size of an apartment complex, and the heroes were the community youth who partnered with a dream-releasing church to launch action teams that brought the community together. 

In the Bring Back the Village story, the dream was the size of a community consisting of five adjacent neighborhoods all bordering a shared commercial corridor.  Through the collective work of 24 team leaders in 12 action teams, these dreamers used the strengths of their historical story as shared by the wise senior adults to write an inspiring new chapter. 

In each of these Neighborhood level dreams, the heroes were the community members who mobilized their fellow neighbors around a shared dream for their community.  In all three of these stories, the heroes were supported by a dream-releaser whose dream was the size of her region. In these three stories, that dreamer-releaser was Wendy McCaig of Embrace Communities. 

Wendy’s support of community heroes has grown since 2013 from supporting heroes with dreams the size of neighborhoods, to those with dreams the size of cities, to those with dreams the size of the nation, and even the globe. However, these larger dreams always find their energy and life in the local stories that are unfolding through commUNITY-size dreams.  To bring these dreams of commUNITY unity to life, Dream Releasers function in a supportive role offering encouragement, resources and support to commUNITY size heroes.  

In 2022 we are launching a new series focused on the journey of Dream-Releasers from across the globe.  While the role our dream-releasing heroes take in bringing these larger dreams to life is a little different, all heroic CommUNITY dreams have one thing in common – dreamwork always requires teamwork.  All heroic CommUNITY strengthening teams have three types of heroes who work together – the dreamers, the connectors, and the wise.  Together they form – The Fellowship of the Dream!

We are excited to share this new series with you next year, and we hope you find these stories as inspiring as we do. 


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