Consulting in Organizational Capacity Building

The greatest challenge faced by our training and coaching clients is in the area of capacity. While using an Asset-Based Community Development strategy leads to longer lasting and more sustainable development in the long-run, it requires investing time in identifying and strengthening the existing assets. Our consulting services are designed to help our clients overcome capacity challenges on the front end of the development effort and the long-term capacity challenges once the development effort is off the ground.

Prior to Training

Our clients often engage us as consultants prior to a training offering to help prepare their organization to take full advantage of the training event.

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Community Identification
  • Discernment Team Facilitation

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Wendy consulting a group

After Training

Once the organization commits to implementing the Empowered Communities Model, Embrace can provide additional consulting around the following topics:

  • Launch Team Formation
  • Funds Development 
  • Measuring Success

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John Mayer listening to a training participant