Together We Rise

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Was integration in Richmond, Virginia a failed social experiment or is it a dream yet realized? 

Are we at end of that story or is this just the beginning?

Answering these questions is the goal of the “Together we Rise” project. In 2018, we discovered that the integration of Chandler is a “key” to open “doors” of understanding related to each decade of this communities on-going saga.

Through “Together We Rise” our hope was to demystify the decline of this once prominent community as well as the decline of the overall Richmond Public School system. The sacrifice of Gloria Mead, Carol Swann, their families and the entire Historic Brookland Park community inspired this project.

We engaged community members of all ages in critically considering the events that shaped their current reality in partnership with the Historic Brookland Park Collective. Can the community work together to bring about a different ending to this story?





Antoine Scott (student at RCHS) drew this amazing portrait of the following long-time/former residents of the Brookland Park area who participated in the group oral history session at the North Avenue Library in October. This piece was officially presented at the Special Black History Month Assembly at Community High on February 28th, 2019.

Featured: Cheyenne Moss, Linda Jackson-Shaw, Dr. Carmen Foster, Kenny Burnett, Willie Hilliard and Alicia Aroche.

Antoine Scott

Students in Nina Ford’s Advanced Arts Class at Community High are creating a mural to represent what “community” means to them. It was inspired by the “unsung heroes” of Brookland Park who spoke during Embrace’s 2018 Black History Month Assembly. Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Nina Ford's Art Class