Projects that have reached maturity and ownership has been transferred to community members.

Together We Rise

Was integration in Richmond, Virginia a failed social experiment or is it a dream yet realized? 

Are we at end of that story or is this just the beginning?

Answering these questions is the goal of the “Together we Rise” project. In 2018, we discovered that the integration of Chandler is a “key” to open “doors” of understanding related to each decade of this communities on-going saga.

Unsung Heroes

The Brookland Park Story

Our asset-mapping often reveals two of the most overlooked assets in community transformation – the young people, who have passion and energy – and the senior adults, who have wisdom and experience. Senior adults are the unsung heroes of our neighborhoods. They have persevered in some of the most challenged communities and have the wisdom to help our cities regain thier historically strong understanding of what it means to be a community.