Embrace Chesterfield EDU Launch Announcement

Submitted by Wendy McCaig on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 14:52

Next Tuesday, October 6th 2020, we are launching our first ever online Youth Power Shift for Educators training!  When we developed our online training portal last year through a grant provided by The Community Foundation of Greater Richmond, we never dreamed this would become our primary means for delivering our training.  We finished the online portal, which is hosted through Coaching Cloud in December of 2019, just in time for COVID 19!

While this training is specifically going to focus on Chesterfield County schools, we will have representatives from both Petersburg and Richmond in the training and are hopeful that this will lead to an expansion of the process to other school systems.

The video in this post was created to provide participants with a little bit of background about how the Embrace Chesterfield EDU project began.  As an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) practitioner, I believe it is important that we give credit to those community members whose dreams contributed to the development of any given project.  True ABCD is always home grown!

While the practices and principles remain the same in all of the development efforts that Embrace supports, the individual project is always shaped by the local community members. This project is rooted in the dreams of my friend Rudy but it was the challenging question a high school student that sent my friend Jennifer in an exciting direction and led to the development of this project. 

We are incredibly grateful for the faithful support of The Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation.  Because of their support, this training is being offered at no cost to the participants!

If you want to follow the progress of this project, you can do so here.  We will be posting regular updates as we move through the project. I invite you to join us on this journey!

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