Connecting Opportunities

By its nature an asset-based approach to community development is highly adaptive and looks different in every community. The goal of our connecting activities is to allow those who are seeking to strengthen communities to learn from and support one another. The most fruitful connections have come when we connect individuals who are engaged in similar work but who are from different communities or by connecting people from different sectors who are working in the same community.

The Empowered Communities Network

This network is for organizations and individuals who have completed training in the Empowered Communities Framework and who have reached the implementation phase of their project. Members receive access to ongoing training, monthly coaching and quarterly Community of Practice gatherings. Fees are based on a sliding scale to insure equitable access to this network.

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EC Network Diagram describing the process

Faith-Rooted ABCD Community of Practice

This group is for faith-rooted individuals who have a desire to learn and practice Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) as we engage with our local communities. Members of this community could be staff, clergy, agency directors, volunteers -  whomever has been called to lead and inspire others as they work with their local communities.

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Faith-Rooted ABCD Community of Practice

Soul-Full Bridges Collective

Soul Care For Community Builders Everywhere

This collective is for community builders who are seeking to strengthen the heart and soul of our fellow community engagement professionals from all sectors, which will allow us to collectively rise to the challenge of strengthening the communities in which we serve. Monthly groups are available for members to join and cultivate as spaces for giving and receiving soul care within community. 

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a wooden bridge in the woods during autumn

Rural ABCD Community of Practice

This group is for individuals who have a working knowledge of ABCD who are practicing ABCD in a rural environment. Our purpose is to share stories, experiences, tools and ways of building on the assets in our rural communities. This group is a sponsored by the ABCD Institute and co-hosted by Embrace and Tamarack Institute.

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Soul-Full Stories Community of Practice 

This community of practice is designed for Asset-Based Community Developers who see local stories as key assets in the community development effort.  Our goal is to amplify the individual and collective impact of our participants through mutual support, collaboration, and by inspiring innovation.

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