We Coach and Train Organizations in Community Strengthening

Embrace provides training, coaching, facilitation and consulting services to organizations who are working toward neighborhood-level change.

Our Empowered Communities Process is built on Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) best practices as defined by the ABCD Institute and informed by more than a decade of practice across the greater Richmond region.

ABCD builds on the gifts, talents and passions of neighborhood residents and strengthens communities from the inside out.

Benefits of Our Empowered Communities Framework:

  • Increases community resilience by developing local leaders, collective efficacy, social trust, civic investment, and a shared vision through citizen-driven, community-defined action teams
  • Promotes economic advancement of engaged youth and adults through vocational skills development, increased social capital and growth in civic-mindedness
  • Leads to more effective, efficient and sustainable community development efforts that leverage both local assets and outside investment toward community-defined priorities
  • Long-term Impact: Crime reduction, youth development, community cohesion, economic advancement, beautification & revitalization, health & well-being