Training to Strengthen Communities

Embrace provides training to institutional partners in how to strengthen communities from the inside out using our Empowered Communities Framework of engagement.

The Empowered Communities Model is a framework designed to build a multi-sector network of institutional partners.  These partners commit to developing the internal capacity of communities by investing in existing and emerging community leaders of all ages. The model utilizes Asset Based Community Development best practices and is informed by more than twenty years of practice.

Community Engagement Professionals - All Sectors 

This training is designed for community engagement professionals from all sectors who seek to mobilize community members for a community-defined purpose. This training is specifically designed to help community-based organizations identify and mobilize community members in a way that leads to the development of a shared community vision and action teams designed to bring that vision to life.

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This training is designed for educators both inside and outside local schools who are seeking to strengthen student learning by engaging parents, students and the community at large in the educational process.

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One of our students engaging youth in her community

Communities of Faith

This training is designed for congregations and faith-based organizations who wish to launch or support a community empowerment effort in either a school or a neighborhood.

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Wendy training in our Neighbor Power Shift class

Youth Development Organizations

This training is designed for school and community-based youth development organizations who seek to identify, equip and mobilize high school youth to support or lead a community or school empowerment effort.

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One of our students engaging youth in her community

Host a Training Session

Embrace Communities can custom design a training experience to help your organization or association make the shift toward a community empowerment strategy that will help to strengthen communities from the inside out.

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Training session in Richmond VA