The Historic Brookland Park Collective

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Brookland Park in Richmond VAThe Community Foundation in Richmond VA

As an Asset-Based Community Development Organization,

we train, coach and financially support youth and adult leaders working to bring about positive changes in their neighborhoods. We want to highlight the neighbor powered development taking place in the Historic Brookland Park area. This community is made up of five neighborhoods (North Central, Battery Park, Providence Park, Northern Barton Heights and Ginter Park Terrace) that border the commercial area that runs from Edgewood Avenue to Richmond Henrico Turnpike along Brookland Park Boulevard and the commercial cross street of North Avenue from Dove Street to Ladies Mile.

Through prior listening projects, residents identified crime, a lack of social trust, youth unemployment and blight along the commercial corridor as the key issues facing their community. So far, we have been able to accomplish the following with the community:

Leadership impact data