Virginia Community Health Workers Association

Project status

The Virginia Community Health Workers Association (VACHWA) has been a training and coaching client of Embrace Communities since 2019 and is a founding member of the Empowered Communities Network. They are a space for community health workers (inclusive of all titles) to network and grow personally and professionally through education and advocacy. We want to see Virginia communities having better health outcomes so that individuals and families can live healthier and happier lives. To learn more, visit their website here





This collaborative effort is a joint venture between Richmond City Health Department Resource Center at Southwood and Belmont Community Resource Services.  The project is being led by RCHD Community Health Workers in the community.  This project was originally sponsored in part by the Richmond District of the United Methodist Church and the Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation.   The goal of this project is to create a community building model that can be used by the Richmond Health Department in neighborhood resource centers across Richmond.



The Hillside Court Partnership was initially launched by Embrace under the leadership of VACHWA member Patrice Shelton.  The Hillside Court resource center continues to serve as a model for future Community Health Worker supported ABCD projects across our network and is one of the premiere ABCD stories in the City of Richmond.