Kaleidoscope Collaborative

Project status

Kaleidoscope Collaborative RVA LLC is a founding member of the Empower Communities Network, and Embrace Communities has been partnering with Cheryl Groce-Wright, the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope, in ABCD efforts since 2015. Kaleidoscope is a Richmond-based consulting firm serving as a proactive and effective relationship steward and champion for racial equity, empowered communities and inspired citizens. Kaleidoscope's mission is to build and nurture people and communities that are healthy, prosperous, equitable, and just by developing and supporting individual and community collaborative relationships, both locally and globally. To learn more, visit their website here



Soul-Full Bridges Collective

This is a group of experienced community builders who are seeking to strengthen the heart and soul of our fellow community engagement professionals from all sectors so that we can collectively rise to the challenge of strengthening the communities in which we serve. In summer 2021, Cheryl and Wendy engaged in a listening project with a group of community builders who were experiencing compassion fatigue in their work with vulnerable populations due to the impact of both COVID 19, the racial disparities highlighted by the pandemic, and the racial unrest that results from continued police violence in communities of color. This desire for soul care in community with others grew into what is now the Soul-Full Bridges Collective.