Who We Are: We are a group of individuals who have a working knowledge of ABCD and who are practicing ABCD in a rural environment.

Our Core Values: As an ABCD Community of Practice we will strive to embody the shared principles defined by the international ABCD community, which can be found here. 

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to gather rural practitioners of ABCD together to share stories, experiences, tools and ways of building on the assets in our rural communities, addressing shared or recurring challenges and how we turn them into opportunities.


This Community of Practice is committed to supporting one another by creating a space that is:  

  • Participatory: ABCD doesn't happen if you're doing work for someone or to someone; authentic community building occurs when we do our work with one another. This CoP will strive to create a space for mutual exchange. There are no “experts”, only peers. This is not a webinar series. 
  • Co-Created: Participants will co-create the content by sharing their knowledge, skills, ideas, tools, techniques, resources and provide feedback and suggestions to other participants.  
  • A Networking Opportunity: Facilitators will provide networking opportunities with the opportunity to make connections and build deeper relationships outside the group if so desired. 
  • On-going Learning: Focused on ongoing dialogue and learning rather than the production of an end product.


This group is a sponsored by the ABCD Institute and co-hosted by Embrace Communities and the Tamarack Institute.


There is no cost for membership. 


  • If you are interested the Rural ABCD Community of Practice, please email Heather Keam of the Tamarack Institute at or email Wendy McCaig of Embrace Communities at or with the subject line: "Add me to the rural ABCD cop"
  • This community of practice meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10am EST.