Soul-Full Bridges Logo

Who We Are: We are a group of community builders co-creating a space for honest, heartfelt sharing  a space where we can release the hard stuff, celebrate the good stuff, and find inner peace so that we can be peacemakers in our respective communities. 

Our Core Belief: We believe that community builders need community, and that encouragers need encouragement.

Our Vision: We envision a global network of soulful community builders.

Our Social Contract: 

  • Assume positive intent
  • Respect each other's experience. 
  • Appreciate the essence of each other. 
  • Check-in instead of checking-out when you feel you need to pause and gain clarity.
  • Use inclusive language that honors our beautifully diverse table. 
  • Acknowledge and own your own feelings and understand how they can shape individual perspectives
  • Have fun - If it feels like work, we are doing something wrong!

Membership Opportunities:

  1. Soul-Full Bridges (Virtual): On the 5th Tuesday of the month from 4:00-5:30pm via zoom.
  2. The Soul-Full Bridges Collective Facebook Group: This online group is open to community builders everywhere.  Members of this online group are encouraged to share insights, words of encouragement and to seek support on issues they are facing in their work. This space is open to anyone who is interested in connecting with other community builders in an online format. Facebook group   link.

Network Facilitation:

Embrace Communities will serve as the network facilitator.

Membership Cost:

There is no cost for membership.

Membership Process:

If you are interested in joining the Soul-Full Bridges Collective, please fill out a membership form here. You will be contacted by Embrace Communities or an affiliated facilitator.

History and Meeting Minutes of the Collective:

You can learn more about how this initiative got started, as well as summaries of our monthly large group meetings here.