Who We Are: We are a group of Asset-Based Community Development practitioners who have a working who believe that story is a key asset in ABCD efforts and that storytelling is the most effective community building practice we can use to strengthen communities. 

Our Core Values: As an ABCD Community of Practice we will strive to embody the shared principles defined by the international ABCD community, which can be found here. 

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to work together to answer this questions: "How might we cultivate spaces where soul-full stories are shared, develop processes for gathering and weaving them together, and platforms for sharing them in a way that shifts harmful narratives toward more hope-filled ones?" 

Our Social Contract: 

  • Assume positive intent
  • Respect each other's experience. 
  • Appreciate the essence of each other. 
  • Check-in instead of checking-out when you feel you need to pause and gain clarity.
  • Use inclusive language that honors our beautifully diverse table. 
  • Acknowledge and own your own feelings and understand how they can shape individual perspectives
  • Have fun - If it feels like work, we are doing something wrong!

History: This group grew out of a facilitated conversation on the topic of polarization hosted by the Soul-Full Bridges Collective in December of 2021. 


This Community of Practice is committed to supporting one another by creating a space that is:  

  • ParticipatoryABCD doesn't happen if you're doing work for someone or to someone; authentic community building occurs when we do our work with one another. This CoP will strive to create a space for mutual exchange. There are no “experts”, only peers. This is not a webinar series. 
  • Co-Created: Participants will co-create the content by sharing their stories, knowledge, skills, ideas, tools, techniques, resources and provide feedback and suggestions to other participants.  
  • A Networking Opportunity: Facilitators will provide networking opportunities with the opportunity to make connections and build deeper relationships outside the group if so desired. 
  • On-going Learning: Focused on ongoing dialogue and learning rather than the production of an end product.


This group is a sponsored by Embrace Communities and Kaleidoscope Collaborative RVA and co-facilitated by ABCD practitioners from across the globe.


There is no cost for membership. 


  • If you are interested learning more about this Community of Practice, please email Wendy McCaig of Embrace Communities here. With the subject line: "Add me to the Soul-Full Stories CoP"
  • This community of practice meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm EST.